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Marina Abramovic, Rasa Todosijevic, Zoran Popovic, Nesa Paripovic, Era Milivojevic, Dragan Ilic, Arhiva SKC-a, Mrdjan Bajic, Milovan DeStil Markovic, Vlasta Volcano Mikic, Dusan Gerzic Gera, Aleksandar Rafajlovic, Mileta Prodanovic, Dragan Colakovic - Silja, Dragan Papic, Zampa di Leone, Vladimir Peric - Talent, Marica Radojcic Presic, Selman Trtovac, Tatjana Ilic, Nina i Miodrag Stankovic, Manik, Nikola Dzafo, Branka Kuzmanovic, Margareta Jelic, Tadija Janicic, Marina Markovic, Vladan Jeremic, Sasa Stojanovic i Ana Vilenica, Ana Krstic, Karavukovo, Galerija talenata, Igor Stromajer, Blazo Kovacevic, Srdjan Veljovic, Nenad Bracic, Olga Jancic...

Mister Venecijanskog bijenala, 2005

Mister Venice Biennale 2005 This project is a parody on major public contests such as Miss/Mister World, and it dealt with the vision of the self and self-presentation of a masculine figure within the public context, as seen by two female artists (it was done in cooperation with my colleague Jadranka Ilic). It took place in two stages – one in Venice during the days of the opening of The Venice Biennial of 2005 (including the photographing of candidates and putting up posters and distributing postcards to invite voters); and the other in Belgrade (including the six-week period voting on the internet – there was an active web site where voters could look at the images of the contestants and send their votes; and the presentation of the winner and the delivery of the award – a droll marzipan statuette in the shape of the winner). The Mister Venice Biennale project presumed a great deal of interactivity and interconnection between the public (one of the major art festivals in a public space) and private (individuals in their desire to be shown and to win the competition) aspects of sociability. Katarina Radovic